Speechelo Review : Best Text To Speech Software 2021

Speechelo Review

Speechelo Review

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If you’re looking for the best text to speech software out there, then you’re in luck. We’ve rounded up our top picks for reading either individual paragraphs or whole documents aloud. Whatever it is you need the software for, you’ll find the ideal one for you on this Software Called “Speechelo”.

Welcome to our Speechelo review. In this article we’ll be going over literally EVERYTHING you need to know about the new Speechelo software.

If you’re new here on my blog, I NEVER actually review a product or service, unless I try it out first, and see what it’s like first hand!

And that’s exactly what I did for Speechelo

If you would like to learn more about Speechelo, or get a special discount, I’ll leave a link below:

But with that being said, let’s begin our review.

What is Speechelo?

Speechelo is the latest text-to-speech online app from the Blaster Suite guys that offers a variety of human-like voices.  Simply paste your script, choose from one of the pre-created voices that all sound amazing and convert.

What makes Speechelo so much different than other text to speech software is it’s ability to add breathing and pausing to your script.  It will also check your text and add all the proper punctuation needed to make your script sound natural.

Beyond that, you can even change the voice tones, speed and pitch to completely match the type of script you need a voice over created for.

Speechelo Features:

30+ Voices: The most amazing collection of natural voices!

Online Text Editor: Their A.I. engine will check your text and will add all the punctuation marks needed to make the speech sound natural.

Breathing & Pauses: You can add breathing sounds, longer pauses after each phrase. (or you can leave A.I. engine decided when to add breathing sounds or pauses)

Languages: English, Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin, Danish, Dutch, French,
German, Icelandic, Italian, Japanese, Korean,
Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Welsh

Voice Tones: Sometimes you need a serious tone other times you need a more joyful tone for your voiceovers, with Speechelo you can do that!

Change Speed & Pitch: You full customization control in Speech

>>> Get Speechelo From The Official Website

Here Is A Demo Of Few Voices In Speechelo:


Let’s look at a few ways you can use Speechelo:

  • Create sales videos
  • Create Audio Books
  • Create audio scripts
  • Create training videos
  • Educational videos
  • Review videos
  • Demonstration videos
  • Creating a Channel On Youtube if you do not want to speak to the camera
  • and more…

Speechelo Benefits

Benefit #1 : More Sales

A good voiceover will get you more sales. Plus you can create multiple scripts easily and test which one works the best.

Benefit #2 : More Views

a good voiceover will keep your viewers glued for the rest of your video,thus ncreasing screen time spent on your video.

Benefit #3 : More Subscribers

With every new upload and more views you will get more subscribers.

More subscribers mean the growth will be exponential.Every time you upload a video through Speechelo,your subscribers will be notified.

Benefit #4 : Save $1000’s and Time

A one minute voiceover can cost up to $225! (Let that sink in…)

Apart from this the sheer amount of time one takes to get it done through freelancers is anywhere around 7-10 days! (Not even sure if you will like the final product then)

>>> Get Speechelo From The Official Website

Speechelo Pricing

*Speechelo Unlimited: Basic Version $47 Today (53% Off Special Discount)


30 Voices

23 Languages

700 word limit in the script box, so if you have a 2100 word article, you will have to create 3 audio files in the basic version

*Pro Version: (Available for $77 ONE TIME FEE)


Speechelo Unlimited +: All the features mentioned above +30 Voices (Total 60 voices): If 30 voices weren’t enoughUnlimited Word Limit in the script box: No more limitation of 700 words.40 Mesmerizing Background Music Tracks: You can add background music to your voice-oversCOMMERCIAL LICENSE: That means that you can sell the voiceovers, and keep all the profit!BONUS Voiceover-Cash-Machine: This will show you where and how to post your voiceover gigs, and let the clients chase you for your services, and not the other way around.

*Speechelo Tube: $37 (Upsell)

With this you can take audios from Youtube videos, do a voice-over on it and create it as your own unique content! (Simple,Isn’t it?)

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