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Funnel Scripts Review: How To Write High Converting Copy (2019) ?

What if you could get all of your sales letters, scripts, webinar slides, emails, and ads written (in less than 10 minutes) without hiring an expensive copywriter?

  • Stop Wasting Thousands on Copywriters!
  • Get Your Sales Letters & Scripts Written Without Hiring A Copywriter!

Here is what I’m going to be covering in this Funnel Scripts review:

  • What is Funnel Scripts?
  • who are Jim Edwards and Russell Brunson ?
  • Who Is Funnel Scripts Targeted Towards?
  • What are favorite things about Funnel Scripts?
  • Funnel Scripts Overview
  • Funnel Scripts Pricing
  • Conclusion

What is Funnel Scripts?

Funnel Scripts is a MASSIVE collection of software that allows you to create literally any kind of copy you could ever imagine for every sales scenario known to man…

Oh… and it does it in as little as 10 minutes… 

At this point, your brain’s B.S. detector is probably freaking out, but take a deep breath and prepare for a paradigm shift. 

Here’s the honest-to-goodness truth: 

Funnel Scripts has script creators for…

  • Emails
  • Sales pages
  • Funnels
  • Facebook newsfeeds
  • Amazon/ecommerce
  • Dropshipping
  • Live event invitations
  • Video sales letters, and the list goes on…

Who are Jim Edwards and Russell Brunson ?

This program is the brainchild of Jim Edwards and Russell Brunson: two seasoned masters of sales copy. 

Jim is a legendary internet entrepreneur who’s been teaching people to make money online for over two decades. 

He’s an elite mentor with over 40 informational products and has an incredible knack for writing copy that converts. 

Russell is the co-founder of ClickFunnels, and over the last 10 years has built a massive following of more than a million entrepreneurs. His books, software, and informational products have helped his audience generate tens of millions of dollars.

In fact, ClickFunnels alone has helped his customers drive over $64 million in sales. 

Funnel Scripts came about when Jim was reading Russell’s DotCom Secrets book. 

If you haven’t read it yet, you should move it to the front of your “books-to-read-immediately” list. 

Who Is Funnel Scripts Targeted Towards?

If you’re selling products or capturing leads online, you absolutely need copy that engages and converts your prospects.

Some people have the time and talent to write this material themselves, from scratch. If that’s you, then you probably don’t need FunnelScripts.

But for those who are more inclined to hire this task out to (an often expensive) copywriter so you can focus on other areas of your business — then Funnel Scripts is for you.

FunnelScripts is designed for busy, cash-strapped entrepreneurs who need proven sales copy on demand, without having to sell off their eldest daughter for the privilege.

What are favorite things about Funnel Scripts?

  • Copy that’s proven to convert.
  • Filling out the forms is easy.
  • Saves your MASSIVE amounts of time.
  • Live training every month that dives deep into the inner workings of great copy and how to get the most out Funnel Scripts.
  • You don’t have to learn how to write great copy if you don’t want to.
  • Individual training videos for every script, including tons of in-depth trainings and BONUS videos on copywriting.
  • Beginner-friendly, even for people who seriously struggle with tech stuff.
  • Editable scripts.
  • HUGE variety of scripts for emails, FB ads, sales pages, video sales letters, opt-in scripts, and webinars (including the Perfect Webinar Script that’s made Russell millions of dollars).
  • If you don’t see the script of your dreams, you can request it.
  • Works in any industry.
  •  The scripts are always growing. A few years ago, it started with only 19 scripts and 2 wizards. Now it has over 60+ online scripts and 6 downloadable wizards.
  • Export any script as a text, DOCx, or PPCx file.

Funnel Scripts Overview

For the first time ever, Russell and Jim are offering UNLIMITED access to Funnel Scripts

In the past, they’ve only done monthly and yearly subscriptions…

…but now you can pay just ONCE for everything, including future updates.

Here’s a quick overview of what’s inside Funnel Scripts (ahem, it’s a lot):

  • Over 60+ total scripts ($98,300)
    • DotCom Secrets Scripts ($16,000)
    • Expert Secrets Scripts ($19,000)
    • One Funnel Away Scripts ($10,000)
    • Case Study/Testimonial Scripts ($2,000)
    • Bullet Scripts ($2,300)
    • Advertising Scripts ($6,000)
    • Content Creation Scripts ($4,000)
    • Email Scripts ($18,100)
    • Titles, Headlines, and Subject Lines ($17,000)
    • Sales Letter Scripts ($7,000)
    • BONUS SCRIPT: Amazon and Ecomm Scripts ($1,000)
  • 6 downloadable wizards ($16,000)
    • Perfect Webinar Wizard
    • VSL Wizard
    • Easy Survey Script
    • Star Story Solution Script
    • Master Class Wizard
    • Podcast and FB Live Wizard
  • 3 email sequences
  • 2 Funnel Scripts ‘Recipes’ (Product Launch and Simple VSL Sales Page Funnel)
  • Free live monthly trainings
  • Funnel Scripts Blueprints and Training
  • BONUS #1: Inception Secrets (exclusive sales training Russell did in front of a select group of marketers)
  • BONUS #2: 5 Fast Funnels (Optin, Sales, Webinar, Invisible, Free + Shipping)
  • BONUS #3: Copywriting Secrets Masterclass ($1,997)
  • BONUS #4: Funnel Blueprints ($997)
  • BONUS #5: Live Monthly Trainings with Jim ($6,000)

Overall, it’s an epic sales copy-creating machine. 

All you have to do is fill out a form, whack a button, copy and paste, and put it right over into your funnel.
Here’s the total value of the scripts and bonuses if you paid an average copywriter to create all this content just once: $127,394

Funnel Scripts Pricing

Funnel Scripts used to be a yearly subscription product.  So you would pay $497 a year for access.

However, with its most recent update, Funnel Scripts now comes with a new one time pricing model.

Gone is the yearly subscription.  And in its place is a more expensive, but lifetime price of $797.

Whether this price is worth it to you, depends on how much use you think you’re going to get out of it.

So think long and hard about whether you’re going to be needing to write good copy for your business.  If you think you will be, then getting in on this one time price is a really good deal.

Remember, good copywriters are worth their weight in gold.  But at the same time the best copywriters are also very expensive.  So keep that in mind when deciding whether you want to pick up Funnel Scripts for yourself.


Funnel Scripts isn’t the first service to offer copywriting templates, but it is one of the few offering this level of customization and efficiency, not to mention the sheer number of templates available.

Is it perfect? No, few platforms are. But if one thing is certain, Funnel Scripts absolutely delivers on its promise of fast, easy and high-converting copy without the need to hire an expensive copywriter.

If you like what you see, why not take it for a spin?

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