Expert Secrets Book Review

There are so many reviews About Expert Book on the net.

But it’s so difficult to find really good and honest ones.

So, I decided that I should also write an Expert Secrets book review to let you help you have a better understanding of this book.

What is Expert Secrets Book?

Expert Secrets Book

The Expert Secrets is the second book by Russel Brunson after DotCom Secrets.

Expert Secrets is an online marketing book, which will teach you how to become a charismatic expert in your field, build trust with your customers, and how to communicate with them to generate income from them. This book contains actionable tips on how to become a leader in your online business.

The book isn’t about secrets that experts use. Instead, it affirms that you are already an expert in something. This book will help you to identify your previously ignored strengths, passion, talents, and knowledge and show you how to turn it into a business.

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Who Is Russell Brunson The Author of Expert Secrets Book

You’ve heard of Russel Brunson, right?


If you are just beginning in online marketing, then you may have never heard of him. But, I’m curious… Have you ever heard about ClickFunnels? The sales funnel software?

Well, if no…then, you are a newcomer in this online marketing world.

But, if you have, then Russel Brunson of the co-founder of ClickFunnels.

And, note Todd Dickerson (the other founder) and Russel Brunson started ClickFunnels without any external funding. And, in a short 6 years, they’ve grown the company to $400 Million with over 70, 000 active users.

Also, ClickFunnels runs the 2 comma club, which consists of ClickFunnels members who’ve made over $1 Million using a single funnel. Today, the club has over 300 members.

Russel Brunson also runs other coaching programs such as the affiliate marketing Bootcamp, the one funnel away challenge, the funnel builder secrets, amongst others.

And, did you know that he is the highest-paid on-stage closer in the world? You had that right. Yes, in the world.

Yes, in 2018, he closed $3 Million during a 90 minutes speech he gave at 10X Growth Conference.

It’s no doubt that Russel is one of the most prominent marketing and sales expert in the market today.

Expert Secrets Book Summary

This book is divided into five sections, as follows:

Section 1: Creating Your Mass Movement

This section delves into developing your personal brand as an expert and how you should structure your message so that you can start creating your mass movement, tribe, followers, or fans (whatever you like to call them).

Without pre-emptying the book, Russel teaches that for you to command people’s attention, you need to develop a charismatic character. You need to establish yourself as a character that people admire and want to learn from.

How do you do that?

Answer: Read the book, and you’ll find out how.

Note, this chapter will also teach you how to structure your communication to draw people to you and against you. Yes, you need haters just as you need fans for you to develop your ‘cult-re.’ You see, I’m already using the book’s terminologies.

Section 2: Creating a Belief

Everything boils down to a person’s belief system. And, according to Russel, if you can influence a person’s belief system, you can persuade them towards your desired direction as the leader.

This section goes down to the Psychology of how you create your mass movement by influencing your audience’s belief system. Once you influence their belief system, they will be more likely to listen to you, follow you, and eventually become your advocates.

How would you want to learn the art of persuasion from a master of persuasion? A person who has made millions by mastering the art of persuasion?

Well, this section will teach you exactly that.

Section 3: Your Moral Obligation

If you know something, it is your moral obligation for you to share it with other people. What you know could create massive value for someone out there.

And, if you hold on to it, if you fear to share it with the world, you deny that person the chance to learn from you and grow.

This section is based on a statement Jay Abraham-Russel’s mentor told him: “if you believe in the product or service you are selling, you have a moral obligation to try and serve your customers in every way.”

To do this, the section is divided into two chapters:

  • The stack slide
  • The perfect webinar

The stack slide explicitly breaks down to the customer all the value that you’re giving them. While the perfect webinar shows how to use the webinar as a perfect selling tool, this is most possibly one of my most valuable section of the book.

Webinars are one of the most crucial steps of selling for most online entrepreneurs.

However, most entrepreneurs struggle with selling during the webinar. Russell breaks down the steps to creating your best webinar presentation that will help you to increase your sales.

This section would be helpful for any entrepreneur who has to come up with a presentation to make a sale. And, this includes face to face presentations.

So, unless you’re reading this for fun, or passing time… I’m sure you’re looking to increase your sales, right. Then you will find the section very informative and valuable.

Section 4: The Funnels

This section dives deep into one of the most important aspects of any business-converting visitors to customers.

It’s not enough to get a mass movement of followers.

It’s not enough to know how to tell your story in a way that you influence your audience’s belief system that they become your ride and die.

You need to convert them to customers, clients, and sales.

And, this section will help you to use funnels to do precisely that.

This section helps you incorporate all that you’ve learned so far and use it to come up with sales funnel.

Section 5: What’s Next

This last section deals with another integral part of a successful funnel: traffic. How do you fill up your funnels with traffic?

This section will give you massive value on getting traffic to your offers.

But, if you need a deep dive into ‘how to get traffic’ to your sales funnel, reserve a copy of The Traffic Secrets. This is the new book by Russel explicitly on traffic. The book will be launched later this year.

How Can You Benefit From The Expert Secrets Book?

Note, the only way you will benefit from the Expert Secrets book is if you take massive action on the lessons that are taught.

Reading the book without taking action is worth zero!

Taking action is what matters.

And, some of the things you will learn are:

  • It will help you find your voice as a leader
  • It will help you build your confidence
  • It will give you practical steps to develop your mass movement of people who are crazy about learning from you.
  • It will revolutionize how you approach your online ventures by helping you find out how you can get paid to share what you already know.
  • Ultimately, this book will give you actionable steps to build your online business and scale it.

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