3 Mistakes Affiliate Marketers Make With Their Time

Affiliate Marketing Mistakes

Last week I set a target to get 20 new fb group members….

You see, I try to grow a private FB group because this is a part of my sales process – the process of attracting and converting leads..(By the way, last week I did a live training in my group on this topic – “Lead magnet for affiliate marketing” and I talked specifically about using FB groups as a lead magnet).

So anyway, I set that target and I missed it..Only 6 new members instead of 20..How do you like it? .I set the target for the week ….

I identified what I needed to do everyday to hit that target in a week….

I put reminders all over the place to have the goal on the top of my mind everyday ….and I still found the way to not achieve it!.

So what was wrong? Why did I fail?

.1️⃣ Here are a few mistakes I made and I am sure many affiliate marketers are making with their goals as well..

2️⃣ Putting wrong priorities on different activities or not putting any priorities at all..

Just setting a goal is not enough..

You need to make it significant enough compared to other stuff that demands your attention..

3️⃣ Surrendering to and tolerating distractions..

And there are a lot of them..

There are all kinds of temptations – news, games, messengers, social media updates, food, games and more..

Waste a few minutes on each here and there and the next thing you will notice is that there is no time left for your targets..

4️⃣ Not having pre scheduled blocks of time dedicated to doing whatever it takes to hit your goal..

This is probably the biggest mistake you can make..

Neglecting to get ready to do the work by deciding when you are going to do it and what exactly you are going to do..

So these are my points of improvement..What are yours?.

Do you make the same mistakes or some others (or none)?

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