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Keap Review

Keap Review

Keap Review

What’s Keap : InfusionSoft ?

Keap is a web-based platform designed for small businesses that need to manage prospective and current customers. It offers lead management and nurturing, customer information management, appointment scheduling, billing and invoicing, quoting, and more. 

Keap integrates directly with Gmail and Outlook inboxes, so that emails sent to and received from prospects and clients are automatically recorded within the system. 

Keap’s customer information management module offers tags for organization, complete contact information storage including social media, and supports attachments for shared documents, folders, images, contracts, and proposals. 

Users can send invoices, process credit card transactions, and track payments all within.

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Keap Review : What about Features:

Automated Marketing Campaigns

Infusionsoft provides the tools to create high performing marketing campaigns from start to finish. Users can choose from one of numerous campaign templates, or they can create their own custom campaign. The campaigns include email marketing, direct mail letters, social media posts and automated voice broadcasts. These can be set up to run at specific times and dates, or upon certain behavioral triggers such as clicks and purchases.

The branding center within Infusionsoft ensures branding remains consistent across all communication platforms and channels. Furthermore, web activity monitoring tools such as visitor tracking, and website and landing page analytics, used alongside real-time marketing reports showing open rates, click throughs and social reach, ensure that all marketing efforts are continuously being refined and improved upon.

Email Marketing

An email marketing platform enables Infusionsoft customers to design professional-looking business emails. These emails can include everything from special promotional offers to autoresponders meant to nurture fragile leads. Infusionsoft’s email marketing platform includes spam scoring, which helps to ensure high inbox deliverability rates for users.

Users can avail of Infusionsoft’s drag and drop tools, available in the Campaign Builder, to design their first promotional email. They can choose to design in HTML or plain text, and can include elements like textboxes and social sharing widgets. The layout can be customized and the provided style tools can be used to add branded elements to emails.

Sales Automation

Along with pipeline management, lead scoring and distribution, other sales automation features within Infusionsoft include the ability to create custom quotes for potential clients. Once these quotes have been approved by the client, they are automatically converted into orders.

Sales reports on key performance metrics such as conversion rates and revenue make it easier to understand where sales teams have been successful and where they are under-performing. Choose to view these metrics directly from the dashboard, or pull reports as and when they are needed.

Lead Scoring

Depending on the type of business, lead scoring can be an incredibly important feature for entrepreneurs and sales teams. Infusionsoft’s lead scoring and distribution tools make it possible for businesses to identify “hot” leads and improve overall productivity through visual lead scoring.

Click on a contact’s profile and check out the number of flames showing under the Recent Activity section. The more flames that show up, the “hotter” the lead is. This type of lead scoring is easy to understand, and it ensures that leads are always assigned to the appropriate salespeople on your team.

Contact Management

Infusionsoft’s contact management system lets users see client contact information, marketing and sales histories, order and account balances, lead sources, lead scores, tasks and appointment histories, and website activity histories.

Click on the contact management tab, and select a name from the contact management system. On one screen, that person’s general information and an account summary appears, showing how much money that person has paid to the company. It is also possible to add tags, which are searchable notes that businesses can use for list segmentation.

The Infusionsoft CRM can be used to automate certain contact management tasks, ensuring client relationships are continuously nurtured. This can be done by setting up appointments, tasks and “follow-ups” within the CRM. Users can add active notes on prospects and clients, and have the ability to view and share interaction history with colleagues.

Online Storefronts

E-commerce tools allow Infusionsoft customers to create professional-looking online storefronts for their businesses. Included in these storefronts are digital shopping carts, which enable businesses to process transactions through their websites.

Infusionsoft provides users with customizable templates that they can use to design their e-commerce store. In addition to selling physical products (like t-shirts or posters, for example) there is also the option to sell services or subscriptions using Infusionsoft’s e-commerce tools. Users can then collect payments through PayPal or with a credit card.

One of the key E-commerce automation features within Infusionsoft includes post-purchase automation. Using this feature the entire online selling process is taken care of by the software, so users don’t have to lift a finger. After an order is placed, the software automates the fulfillment and delivery processes, as well as follow-up targeted campaigns and up-selling.

Other E-commerce automation tools within Infusionsoft include inventory management for tighter stock control, promotional tools for offering discounts and free trials, and referral campaign programs for agent partnerships.

Infusionsoft offers a range of E-Commerce tools

Keap Review: Pro’s And Con’s

Keap Pro’s:

1- The interface is great and the creation of campaigns is easy.

2- Mobile handshake is easy, quick and efficient. I can get my leads in quick and send them my contact information within seconds. This saves me so much time and I love that.

3- The software is well made and simple to use. It’s an extremely useful tool and well designed!

4- There’s always a new function that it can do to save me time. Since I don’t have a team, Keap is like my own secretary, streamlining functions.

5- InfusionSoft was great at first and exciting to learn the platform and start building campaigns. The campaign builder is by far the best part as it is very easy to understand and super easy to visualize your campaign the way it maps out. The elements, processes, communications, etc. are all on a grid map with arrows connecting and directing contacts where to go based on criteria, tags, and triggers you define and set. Once your developers connect everything you need, it is fun to create campaigns.

6- What I like most about infusionsoft is probably unique to my company, but our marketing person here use to work at infusionsoft, so he is very VERY well versed in the product, an subject matter expert almost. Our campaigns are set up perfectly, and I like using my dashboard to keep track of things. The automation that can occur in infusionsoft seem vast, and you can really build out some great marketing tools inside of it.

7- Still probably the best marketing automation software and CRM out there for the typical small business owner looking to make their life easier and automate many of the things they’re doing manually today.

Keap Pron’s:

1- User interface isn’t as clean as some others and it can be confusing. But overall I think it’s a great tool.

2- The initial setup of this software can be a little tedious. It takes time and effort, but once it is set up correctly it really is easy to use.

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