clickbank university Review

clickbank university Review

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Ignore the Fake Clickbank University Reviews by people who haven’t tried it .  This is a honest review, by a real member!

What IS Clickbank University 2.0 ?

ClickBank University features in-depth resources on traffic generation from some of the most successful online marketers. And those resources are conveniently accessible from the links on the main “Introduction to Traffic” page.

The traffic lessons focus on four of the most effective methods of getting massive traffic online: Facebook ads, paid search ads, Instagram shoutouts, and YouTube ads.

The most powerful value Clickbank University offers you is the Q/As sessions. Make time for these. These sessions pack the power punch that none of the course material will. With a live question session, you can interact with the teachers and learn directly from their mouths what you need to do to progress where you are.

Even if you don’t ask any questions, the answers to other students’ questions will empower you. This is why it is an absolute must you make time for the Q/As in this course. Take notes. Emulate other students’ questions. Go to the forum with questions that you had after the Q/A.

The courses available can help online marketers get started pretty fast, since the lessons are incredibly practical. Most of all, the step-by-step lessons are designed to help beginners who have little understanding of online marketing.

Despite being beginner friendly, the extensive information available is also beneficial to experienced online marketers.

Clickbank University 2.0 Has a few Main Sections

Section 1: Vendors

Clickbank university : Section vendors

I’ll be honest with you, this portion of the training may be a bit intimidating and may not be for everybody.  That is also okay, and there is 100% Nothing wrong with that.  I’m an Affiliate Marketer 100% of the time, I’ve only ever launched 1 product, with a partner, for a private promotion.

Personally, I’d rather just focus on being an affiliate, instead of creating my own product, finding JV’s to work with, hiring a graphics guy, copywriter, etc.

On the other hand, I know MANY people that absolutely LOVE this and go crazy for this type of stuff.  It’s an INSANELY powerful way to make money and build an email list quickly.  Then, once you have the email list of your customers, you can market other relevant products to them as an affiliate for even more commissions!

My point is, if product creation is not your thing, there is nothing wrong with that, don’t let this portion of C​BU hold you back from learning.

The Vendors Section in C​BU is broken down into 12 weeks worth of lessons, taking you from A-Z in creating and launching your own successful product on Clickbank.

The ​Vendors session is broken down like this:

  • Week 1 – How It Works
    • Here you’ll learn the overall goal of our 12 week plan to success.
  • Week 2 – Finding Your Perfect Product
    • Blend your passion and experience with what’s profitable on ClickBank
      and will you get the exact insight needed to find your perfect product.
  • Week 3 – Creating Your Avatar
    • Your avatar is your customer, and in order to give your customer
      exactly what he or she needs, you have to understand their mind-set.
      It’s time to set into your customer’s shoes!
    • What are their interests? What are the demographics? But most
      importantly, what is their problem and how is your product going to
      solve it? If you know their problem, then you can create a product that
      solves the problem.
  • Week 4 – Creating Your Product
    • Know exactly how to format your product, for instance, as videos or an
      e-book. Know the proven blueprint that successes products on
      ClickBank use. They even teach you how to outsource your product
      creation so you don’t even have to write it!
  • Week 5 – Creating your Perfect Upsell
    • Maximize the value of each and every customer by offering upsells.
      These upsells add more value to your customers by further helping the
      customer solve their problem.
    • This is very important for attracting affiliates. The more money they can
      make per sales, the more they will love promoting your product!
  • Week 6 – Sales Copy & Conversion Maximizing
    • Learn the secrets of successful sales copy from our very own expert
    • Remember, you might have the greatest product in the world, but if you
      don’t have a great sales pitch then you won’t be successful.
  • Week 7 – The Easy Video Sales Letter
    • Learn the secrets of creating a high value and effective video sales
      letters used by the experts. Don’t spend thousands of dollars on video
  • Week 8 – Finalizing your Product
    • Let’s put the finishing touches on your product. Correcting any errors
      and making sure all of the elements of your product are sound.
  • Week 9 – Getting onto ClickBank
    • Learn how to get your Product onto the ClickBank Marketplace! They
      walk you through step by step.
  • Week 10 – Attracting & Managing JV Relationships
    • Attracting affiliates is one of the easiest way you can become
      successful on ClickBank, but you’ve got to know what they want first.
      Learn how get them to believe in your product!
  • Week 11 – Split Testing
    • Learn how simply testing different language, ads, and funnels can
      dramatically increase conversions.
  • Week 12 – Scaling your Success
    • Learn how to build upon initial sales and success by generating more
      and more traffic to create massive success.
  • Bonus: Selling High Ticket Products on Webinars ($1k Plus per sale)

Section 2: Affiliates

Clickbank university : Section Affiliates

This is what I do 100% of the time.  As I mentioned above, I am NOT a product vendor.  I’m just an affiliate and that’s what I prefer to do.  I’ve made 5-6 figures per month now for quite some time only as an affiliate for other people’s products. 

Perhaps i’ll get into the vendor game someday, but for now…I’m just enjoying being a kick-ass affiliate. 

The affiliate portion actually goes hand-in-hand with the Vendor portion.  Once you create you’re own product, why not market other related products to your existing customers?

Now, with that being said…Even if you’re NOT going to become a vendor, this training is AMAZING.

The Affiliate portion is 8 weeks (2 months!), and broken down like this:

  • Week 1 – Affiliate Marking on ClickBank
    • Affiliate Profit Plan
    • Setting Up for Success
    • Goal Setting
  • Week 2 – Understanding Affiliate Marketing
    • Affiliate Basics
    • Navigating Through the ClickBank Marketplace
    • Secrets of the Top ClickBank Products
  • Week 3 – Finding Your Passion
    • Discovering Your Passion
    • Researching in Your Niche
    • Picking the Perfect Product
  • Week 4 – The Ultimate Affiliate Funnel
    • The Truth About Traffic
    • Affiliate Funnel 101
    • Building Squeeze Pages
  • Week 5 – Free, Free, Free: Always Over Deliver
    • Building a Relationship with Your List
    • Different Ways to Deliver Free Content
    • Outsourcing Your Content
  • Week 6 – Writing the Perfect Swipe
    • Getting Them to Open the Email
    • Making Sure They Click
    • Offering Bonuses
  • Week 7 – The Email Blueprint
    • Using Broadcasts
    • Automating Your Emails
    • The Prefect Balance
  • Week 8 – Scaling and Expanding
    • Toolkit Traffic Area
    • Opening the Flood Gates
    • Creating a Product
  • Bonus: Running Affiliate Promotions

There are plenty of downloads available throughout the coarse, things such as outlines of the course as a whole, and specific outlines for each of the individual training videos.

Once again, each of these is meant to go through one week at a time, but you’re more than welcome to skip ahead once you complete the first 3 weeks.

Take your time when going through the training, don’t try to rush though and watch everything at once.  Do it one week at a time, and then watch and re-watch the training. After you do THAT, then try putting it into practice.  

The Videos in this are actually fairly short, between 5 and 15 minutes for the most part, and each week has multiple videos.

This makes it very easy to follow along, and I did NOT feel overwhelmed at all during my time spent in the training.

Section 3: Traffic

Clickbank University : Section Traffic

You need to understand, you can have the NICEST looking website or funnel in the world, but if you’re not reaching your target audience, it’s pointless.

Having said that, the traffic portion goes into a few different types of traffic you really should understand.

  1. Facebook Advertising (3 Parts)
  2. Instagram Shout outs & Influencers (3 Parts)

Simple, but easy enough to learn and one of the best ways to get SUPER targeted traffic.

If you want to target 35-41 year old single moms living in Orange County California earning over $100,000 per year, you can do that with Facebook advertising.

The fact that you can get so specific to target your audience is amazing, and the Clickbank University 2.0 Training gets it right.

The Instagram training is equally awesome too, and is a GREAT way to make quick money if you don’t mind spending a little up front first.

But Wait, There’s More!

On TOP of the excellent training that’s included, you also get access to the Forum, and LIVE Q&A Sessions.

CBU Chat Forum

The forum is a place where new members, old members, coaches and creators alike can all get together to discuss what’s working, and what’s not.

CBU Live Q&A

The live Q&A Sessions are also an AMAZING resource you should be taking advantage of.

If for some reason you’re not able to attend the live sessions, due to a different time zone or whatever – great news – you’re able to watch the recordings still, and you can always post your questions and get help in the Clickbank University Online Members Area Forum.

Some of the previous topics covered (which recordings are now available) are:

  • Deciding on a Niche, Creating Content, Sending Broadcasts
  • Influencer Marketing
  • The CB Marketplace
  • Building an (email) List Without a Giveaway
  • Squeeze Pages, Instagram, and Keywords
  • Autoresponders, Content, Promotions
  • FB Ads and Marketplace Stats
  • Opt-In Pages, Promotions
  • Researching Your Market, CB University TV, Opt-In Pages
  • Instagram, CB Marketplace, Affiliate Promos
  • Pen Names, Potty Training, Apocalypse Products
  • Instagram Ads, List Value, ClickBank Builder
  • How to Pick a Product to Promote & Researching It
  • Driving Traffic via Social Media
  • Q&A Session, GDPR, and Scaling Ads
  • Affiliate Marketing on Instagram and Opt In Pages
  • Niches vs. Product Angles
  • Affiliate Promotions via Instagram
  • Refunds, click thru rates, cold vs warm traffic
  • Choosing a Product, Running Traffic
  • WebinarX Funnels, Networking Events, Competition
  • Staying Focused, Funnels, Essentialism
  • Market Research, New Updates, Optin Page Feedback
  • Analytics Tracking, Influencer Marketing, Focus
  • AND, many many more.  (Much more than the 17 I think I saw listed on their sales page)

And this is all BONUS training on top of the main training itself!

The Live Training Sessions are some of my favorite! Even if you can’t make it live, they’re recorded and put in the members area for you to watch over and over again.  Make sure you watch them all the way through, as you might miss some valuable tips from the Q&A.


My point here is, yes you really CAN make life changing money on the internet, from home – BUT success is not going to come to you overnight.  It takes time, but I promise, it’s 1000% worth it. 

Having said that, click the button below to get started with Clickbank University, you’ll be back to thank me later 

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